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How Do I Know If I Need An Attorney?

Sometimes there is an easy answer, such as when when you’ve been arrested or find yourself served with a lawsuit. While you may be able to resolve a legal problem yourself, you should always remember that when you represent yourself, you run a significant risk of placing yourself in serious legal jeopardy. What do you know about the legal process? Do you know how to interact with the court – and with other lawyers?

The first question you should ask yourself before deciding whether to consult an attorney is: “What’s at stake?” When your finances or liberties are in jeopardy, it should become obvious that you need expert legal help.


What qualifies as serious?


A simple car accident resulting in nothing more than a broken taillight probably isn’t serious. However, if you wake up the next morning to discover pain in your neck or back, this could indicate serious consequences of that accident. After a trip to the emergency room, it would be prudent to call an attorney.

Any accident that results in serious injury or death warrants a timely call to consult with legal counsel.
It never hurts to give me a call if you have a concern. Of course, you can also send me an eMail and I can review your concerns and send you a timely response.


When should you consult an attorney?


Most situations tell us when we need to act quickly, but sometimes the situation isn’t as clear. Many people are unaware that there are limitations on the amount of time you have to file a claim. You’re better off contacting a lawyer sooner – rather than later – if you believe you have a claim. Putting the matter off could mean the difference between a valid claim – and having no claim at all. In California, the statute of limitations for many claims is only two (2) years – and there are many steps which must be taken prior to submitting a claim or filing a lawsuit to recover damages.  If a government entity is responsible, a claim must be filed within six (6) months.

The sooner I learn of your case and can evaluate it properly, the faster I can begin to gather evidence to support your claims.


Without timely contact, evidence can be lost, misplaced, or destroyed – significantly weakening your claim.


On occasion, clients are unaware of the legal tools available to them in pursuit of a claim. You may realize that you have expenses as a result of an injury caused by someone else’s intentional or negligent act. However, you may need judicial intervention to stop their behavior from continuing to injure you — and others.


If you aren’t sure what your legal rights are, it is worth your time to call me so I can fairly evaluate your situation. Once I’ve been able to gather preliminary information from you, I may need to conduct additional research. At that point, I can better advise you of your legal rights, obligations, and the likelihood of success.


In the event I’m not the right attorney to personally handle your case, I can probably recommend a qualified attorney to you. Because I’ve been in the legal profession for more than 27 years, I’ve worked with many lawyers with excellent reputations to whom I can refer you.

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